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Department of English
and Comparative Literature


The Department of English and Comparative Literature (DECL) of the University of the Philippines has been the country’s premier English department for more than a century. It is a leading institution in the fields of English language instruction, literary and cultural studies, and creative writing.


The faculty members of the DECL are distinguished educators and researchers recognized for their teaching and scholarship, and writers of essays, fiction, poetry, and drama who have received national and international recognition. They have produced a great body of scholarship in literary and cultural studies including folklore, language and literature, ethnicity, discourse on women, and a cross-section of world literatures as well as creative works in both English and Filipino.


The DECL’s mission is to facilitate University access to the mainstreams of knowledge, to showcase the Filipino’s intellectual heritage and culture to the world, and to turn out graduates whose high level of English proficiency, excellent communication skills, and solid literary foundation will give them a significant edge in their respective professions.


The DECL has been certified by the Commission of Higher Education as a Center of Excellence in English and a Center of Excellence in Literature.

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For over a century, the Department of English and Comparative Literature (DECL) of the University of the Philippines has been developing and teaching essential courses in English; producing groundbreaking scholarship in language and literature; and fostering writers to become among the best in the country.


The DECL was established in 1910 as the Department of English, one of the units of the College of Liberal Arts. During its early years, under the leadership of American educators such as Dean S. Fansler, Louis Franklin Snow, and George St. Clair, the department proved to be formative ground for Philippine literature in English. Writers such as Manuel Arguilla, Salvador P. Lopez, Jose Garcia Villa, and Angela Manalang-Gloria were among the students. Writing organizations and groups would also stem from the department, such as the UP Writers’ Club (1927); The Veronicans and The Bachelorettes (1930s); The Pylons and Writers ’Guild (1940s); Ravens (1950s); Bagay (1960s); Panitikan para sa Kaunlaran ng Sambayanan (PAKSA), Galian sa Arte at Tula (GAT), and Writers’ Union (1970s); WOMEN and Pambansang Unyon ng mga Manunulat (Panulat) (1980s); and UP Quill (1990s).


A series of transitions later defined the department. First was the appointment of the first Filipino head, Antonio Verbo, who took office in 1932. Next would be the Second World War and, in its aftermath, the University’s move from Manila to the Diliman campus. Then, in 1957, the department changed its name to the Department of English and Comparative Literature. Shortly after that, in 1959, the Board of Regents approved the splitting of the department, leading to the establishment of the departments of Art Studies and of Speech Communication and Theater Arts.


The late 1960s and 1970s saw the department responding to the zeitgeist of political thought, with figures like Elmer Ordoñez and Jose Ma. Sison at the forefront. Its faculty and students played key roles in the resistance to martial law. Writers and activists from the department defined the literature of the period.


In the 1980s and 1990s, the department charted new and exciting directions for the study of language and literature in the Philippines as it adapted a range of theoretical approaches, from Marxist theory to post-structuralism, from gender theory to post-colonialism.


Today, among the DECL’s faculty are the leading creative writers and literary scholars of the country. As the first university English department in the Philippines and its current accreditation as a Center of Excellence in English and Literature, the DECL is indeed a premier department.



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General Information for Freshman Admission


The DECL offers undergraduate degrees in the following areas:


  • Comparative Literature

  • Creative Writing

  • English Studies: Language

  • English Studies: Literature


Graduates of foreign and Philippine high schools accredited by the Department of Education (DepEd) may be admitted as freshmen into the University based on the following:


  • Performance in the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT); and

  • Weighted average of final grades obtained in high school.

  • A total combined score of 1,200 for the verbal and mathematics subtests in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) will also qualify an applicant for automatic admission as freshman to the University.


The prospective student chooses their program when they apply for the UPCAT. They decide on their area of concentration upon admission to the University and the DECL.

For more information, you may contact the UP Office of Admissions.


UP Office of Admissions

Kalaw cor. Quirino Avenue, UP Diliman

Quezon City 1101


Telefax: (632) 9274561

UP Trunkline: (632) 8981-8500 loc. 3827/3828/3830/3831


UP Office of Admission Facebook Page

General Information for Transfer Applicants


  • From Other UP Diliman Colleges/Units


Students from other UP Diliman Colleges/Units seeking admission to the DECL must have a GWA of 2.25, at least 30 units of credit, and an average of at least 2.0 for courses in English.  The DECL also requires that the student pass a written examination.  This examination is evaluated by the Coordinator of the area of concentration to which the student is seeking admission.


  • From Other Universities and Colleges


Students from other Universities or Colleges seeking admission to the DECL must meet the requirements for admission set by the University, i.e., a total of at least 33 units of credit, with a GWA of 2.0 in all courses and a passing mark in a written examination.  This examination is evaluated by the Undergraduate Admissions Committee of the DECL.

For more information,  you may contact the Office of the College of Arts and Letters College Secretary through 8981-8500 local 2103. You may also email Mr. Gerald Perez at and check the UP College of Arts and Letters Facebook Page.


Department Executive Committee

Dr. Judy Celine Ick
Department Chair

Prof. Julie Jolo
Assistant Chair, Coordinator
Administrative Affairs

Dr. Aileen Salonga
Academic Affairs

Dr. Patricia May Jurilla
Research, Publications, and Digital Strategies

Prof. Jean Aaron de Borja
Coordinator for Public Affairs

Dr. Anna Melinda de Ocampo
Program Coordinator
Comparative Literature

Dr. Marie Aubrey Villaceran
Program Coordinator
Creative Writing

Prof. Grace Saqueton
Program Coordinator
English Studies: Language

Dr. Maria Rhodora Ancheta
Program Coordinator
English Studies: Literature

DECL group photo late 2000s.jpg
DECL group photo late 2000s.jpg

Faculty Roster


Administrative Staff

Rosanna Dacanay
Administrative Officer

Anita Ilagan
Administrative Assistant

Mark Angelo Francisco
University Extension Associate

Limhel Tadiaque
Administrative Aide

Mary Chris Lopez
Senior Office Aide

Contact Us


Room 1120, Pavilion 1, Palma Hall

Roxas Avenue corner Roces Street

University of the Philippines, Diliman

Quezon City 1101, Philippines

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426-3668; 981-8500 local 2118, 2119

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