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Danica Anna Guban-Caisido

Assistant Professor

Italian as Foreign Language, Foreign Language Didactics, Psychology of Language Learning, Communication Studies


Danica Anna Guban-Caisido is an Assistant Professor and the current Italian Section Coordinator of the Department of European Languages. She is an alumna of BA European Languages (major in Italian), has an MA in Psychology with specialization in Educational Psychology, and is currently working on a PhD in Communication.


Recent publications and/or research projects:

Journal articles:
Guban-Caisido, Danica Anna D. ""Language Advising as Psychosocial Intervention for First Time Self-Access Language Learners in the Time of COVID-19: Lessons From the Philippines."" Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal 11.3 (2020).
Guban-Caisido, Danica Anna D. ""Self-esteem and Language Learning: empirical evidences from the past two decades."" TLEMC (Teaching and Learning English in Multicultural Contexts) 4.2 (2020): 95-106.

Feature articles:
Bautista, Naidyl Isis, Kristine Cabling, Danica Anna Guban-Caisido, & Elizabeth Marie Lavadia. “The University of the Philippines and its role in the promotion of the Italian language.” Philippines-Italy: Rising Together (1947-2022). GA Printing, 2023: pp. 68-72.

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