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Marlon James Sales, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Translation History, Translation Theory and Practice, Brand Localization, Missionary Linguistics, Critical Multilingualism Studies, Literary Multilingualism, Early Modern Spanish Pacific, Hispanofilipino Studies


I am an Associate Professor of Spanish and Translation Studies at the Department of European Languages. Before joining the University of the Philippines in 2022, I have worked as a lecturer and postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Comparative Literature of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and as a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for the Historiography of Linguistics at the University of Leuven in Belgium. I was part of the Michigan team that wrote the research proposal for the project “Sites of Translation in the Multilingual Midwest,” which was awarded a coveted Sawyer grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in 2019. I hold a BA in Communication Research, magna cum laude, from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, a Máster en la Enseñanza del Español como Lengua Extranjera from the University of Valladolid in Spain, and a Ph.D. in Translation Studies from Monash University, Australia. I am on the editorial boards of Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice (Routledge), The Journal of Literary Multilingualism (Brill), and Traduction et Langues (University of Oran 2, Algeria). Before pursuing doctoral and postdoctoral studies overseas, I have taught all levels of Spanish at the Instituto Cervantes de Manila in the Philippines for five years.


Recent publications and/or research projects:

Journal Articles:
- Sales, Marlon James. ""Translation, Repatriation, and the Diasporic Archive: The Migrancy of Documentary Heritage."" The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Migration, edited by Brigid Maher, et al., Routledge, Forthcoming.
- Sales, Marlon James. ""Diabolical Scriptworlds and the Visuality of Early Modern Multilingualism in the Spanish Philippines."" The Routledge Companion to Race in Art and Visual Studies in the Early Modern Period, edited by Nick Jones et al., Routledge, Forthcoming.
- Sales, Marlon James. ""Censoring a Tagalog Text at the Tribunal of the Inquisition in New Spain (1772)."" The Spanish Pacific Reader, edited by Christina Lee and Ricardo Padrón, Amsterdam University Press, Forthcoming.
- Sales, Marlon James. “Translation is a Language of Hispanofilipino Literature.” Transnational Philippines: Cultural Encounters in Philippine Literature in Spanish, edited by Rocío Ortuño and Axel Gasquet, Michigan University Press, Forthcoming.
- Sales, Marlon James. “Translation is a Language of Hispanofilipino Literature.” Transnational Philippines: Cultural Encounters in Philippine Literature in Spanish, edited by Rocío Ortuño and Axel Gasquet, Michigan University Press, 2024, 50-69.
- Sales, Marlon James. ""Además de artes y vocabularios: fuentes y lecturas alternativas de la lingüística misionera de Filipinas."" Nuevas aportaciones a la lingüística misionera española, edited by Miguel Ángel Esparza Torres and Ana Segovia Gordillo, Peter Lang, 2023, 339-59.
- Sales, Marlon James. ""A Lockdown by Any Other Name: Populist Rhetoric as a Communication Strategy for Covid-19 in Duterte’s Philippines."" The Languages of Covid-19: Translational and Multilingual Perspectives on Global Healthcare, edited by Piotr Blumczynski and Steven Wilson, Routledge, 2023, pp. 145-60. (URL:
- Sales, Marlon James. ""Traducción misionera y circulación literaria transpacífica: un sermón inédito de Fray Francisco Blancas de San José en la Inquisición novohispana [Missionary Translation and Transpacific Literary Circulation: An Unknown Sermon of Fray Francisco Blancas De San José at the Inquisition of New Spain]."" Guaraguao: Revista de Cultura Latinoamericana, vol. 24, no. 65, 2021, pp. 41-63. (URL:
- Sales, Marlon James. ""Literary Translingualism and the Politics of a National Language: Hispanofilipino Literature in a Multilingual Philippines."" The Routledge Handbook of Literary Translingualism, edited by Steven G. Kellman and Natasha Lvovich, Routledge, 2021, pp. 327-39. (URL:
- Sales, Marlon James. ""Tagalog Missionary Grammars as a Translation Resource: Translation, Book History and the Production of Linguistic Knowledge in the Spanish Philippines."" Comparative Critical Studies, vol. 16, no. 2-3, 2019, pp. 301-22, doi:10.3366/ccs.2019.0332. (URL:
- Sales, Marlon James. ""Translation (in/of/as) History: Toward a Model for Historicising Translation in Hispanic Filipino Literature."" Translation and Interpreting, vol. 11, no. 2, 2019, pp. 32-44, doi:10.12807/ti.111202.2019.a04. (URL:
- Sales, Marlon James. ""Translation and Interpreting in the Early Modern Philippines: A Preliminary Survey."" Perspectives, vol. 26, no. 1, 2018, pp. 54-68, doi:10.1080/0907676X.2017.1342668. (URL:

Grant project:
- Hispanofilipino Literature and the Archive in the US Midwest (URL: -

Media interviews:
- “La hora Cervantes: el español en Filipinas” [Spanish in the Philippines], Televisión Española, (URL:
- “Por qué Filipinas no es un país hispanoparlante si fue una colonia de España durante 300 años (y qué huellas quedan de la lengua de Cervantes)” [Why the Philippines is not a Spanish-speaking Country if it was a Colony of Spain for 300 Years—and What Trace of Cervantes’s Language Remains There], BBC Mundo, (URL:
- “Filipino Scholar Co-leads University of Michigan Diversity Study,” The Philippine Daily Inquirer (URL:
- “The Philippines is Fronting Up to its Spanish Heritage, and for Some It’s Paying Off,” ABC Australia (URL:

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