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Rosella Torrecampo, Ph.D.


Education Leadership, Adaptive Curriculum Design in an OBE context, Brain-Based Learning, Folklore, Field Methods, Cultural Anthropology and Structural Linguistics, Local History, Translation (English-Filipino-Tagalog), Technical Writing and Corporate Communication, English for Specific Purposes, Editing (skill)



Selected publications:

Most Significant to Field of Scholarship:

2020 Torrecampo, Rosella M. Silangan: An Anthology and Structural Analysis of
Narratives of Silang, Cavite. Cavite: National Commission for Culture and the
Arts, 2020

Jan 2009 Torrecampo, Rosella M. “Utol: Kinship Structures and Systems of Exchange
in the Silang, Cavite Erihiya,” Philippine Social Science Journal, Diliman

Mar 2005 “The Tropa’s Tropes - An Ear for the Language,
Recuperating Identity and Meaning from Language,”
Department of English Studies and Comparative Literature Journal

Mar 2005 Torrecampo, R “Tropa: Homologies between the Folktale and Erihiya of
Silang, Cavite,” Philippine Humanities Review

(To note: this volume, edited by Dean Jimmuel Naval and with myself as
among the Associate Editors seems to be missing from the CAL inventory index) and the volume itself seems not to have been indexed/included. I have an existing hardcopy.

These signal articles form a set with recently delivered, unpublished papers on:

23-24 Aug 2021. “Tagalogs Turning Tropes against Colonization de Trop,” Archaeological Studies Conference, University of the Philippines, Diliman

14-15 June 2019. “The Karakol of Silang: The Mediation between Faith and Folklore Symbolized as Flow from Sea to Shore” ASEAN-ASLE International Conference on the Littorial and the Liminal, UP Diliman

18-20 Jul 2018. “Doon Po Sa Amin: Tagalog Representation and Identity in Folklore, Beliefs, and Local History First Southern Luzon Studies Conference, Southern Luzon Studies Center, UP Los Banos, Laguna

1998. “The Liberative Function of Folklore,” (Focus on Silang Folk Heroes) Phil. Folklore Society National Congress on History, UP SOLAIR

1997. “The Tagalog Heroic Narrative as a Tool for teaching the MAKABAYAN Curriculum,” Philippine Folklore Society National Conference on Teaching Folk Literature and the Makabayan Paradigm The Epic, Myth and Other Heroic Narratives in the Curriculum, San Isidro College Gymnasium, Impalambong, Malaybalay City

1993. “Folklore as a Paradigm of Indigenous Conservationist Consciousness: Silang, Cavite as a Case Study” Phil. Folklore Society National Conference on
Sustainable Development, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya

Most Recent 2020-2022 only:
Feb 2021 Poem
Torrecampo, Rosella M. “Dis-Ease,” Asian Studies Journal. Asian Studies
Center, UP Diliman, 2021

Feb 2021 Book Editor and Introduction Article Author
Torrecampo, Rosella M, ed. Sablay. UP Diliman: OVCRD, 2021
(output of from the
research and publication project, from the The Sablay as
Academic Symbol of the University, Office of the Vice Chancellor for
Research and Development Source of Solutions Grant

Mar 2020 (online) online publication A Thousand Website Cranes Website,
Nov 2021 (print)
Torrecampo, Rosella M. “Grieving in Quarters,” To Let the Light In.
Singapore: APHPCN, 2021
publ by Singapore Poets (Sing Lit) and the Asia Pacific Hospice and
Palliative Care Network, Singapore

May 2020
Torrecampo, Rosella M. “Love in the Time of Covid,”
“Still Life, the Wait of an LSI,”
“COVID 19,”
“Grieving in Quarters,”
“In Quarantine,”
“Writing from the Strand,”
The Year of the Pandemic, Archive of Writing in the time of COVID,
Filpinas Heritage Library and the University of Arizona

2020 Case Study of an Adaptive Curriculum Implementation in a Tertiary Classroom in the Philippines,” British Council-UNESCO, Bangkok, Thailand
Published and in printed book format

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